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With it's adjustable waist and easy snaps, the JACQUI CORSET is one of our easiest belts to wear. No woman is the same size at the beginning of a day as she is at the end of it so adjustability means longevity of comfort. She can be worn so many different ways but here are the top 3 ways to wear from my tribe:

1) On the hips casual. When you wear your corset really low on your waist or at your hips, she looks great and is really comfortable even for shorter waisted tribeswomen. Amazingly, this way of wearing also happens to hide the tummy if you're a little bloated at the end of a day or just having fun at the holidays. 

2) Right at your waist or low-waist but loose. Wearing her right at your waist tends to pull an outfit together and she doesn't have to be tight. The adjustability makes it easy to wear her all day and still be comfortable.

3) Wasp waist it: at that waist and tight. This look won't win for comfort but her tight snaps and molded leather make her strong enough to suck you in.

Whether you wear her on your hips or waist, she goes with everything. Here are a few looks I've been collecting:

 With leggings, pants, jumpers or jeans and every top under the sun. 



With a long boho or knit dress. Dress this look up with heels and gold jewelry, boho chic with beads and sandals or down with converse and a denim jacket. 


 Short skirts, dresses and rompers - so easy and comfortable


With a sweater dress or even a cocktail dress


 No matter what outfit you wear your Jacqui Corset with she will make your life easier just by being her: holding your phone, credit cards and little things safe and at the ready.


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