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About the Freedom

“I want every woman wearing these belts to have that incredible feeling you get when you’re driving with the windows down and hair blowing and your favorite song is blasting and you are IT, baby! There is nothing you can’t achieve. It’s pure freedom.”

Alexa Stone - Founder and Designer

Free your arms and your mind will follow.

Freedom. We all love the feeling. The super-hero pose at the top a wind swept sunny mountain like you can conquer-it-all feeling. We get it by letting go of fear, of road blocks, of “no”. Letting go of all the things we don’t really need. When you run errands, meet friends for a drink or coffee or go to a formal event, you really don’t need much. Mostly just your phone, credit cards, a tissue, lipstick, a compact…maybe a stick of gum or a key. Why be weighed down by lugging along your whole world? We can be happier with less - feel freer with less. Of course, there is a time and place for that amazing designer handbag and, of course, sometimes you’ll need that whole first aid kit with you, but rarely. Sometimes (most of the time) you just need a pocket.

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