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Alexa Stone - Fashion Innovator


"If it doesn't work, change it."

Alexa Stone, designer and founder of ALEXA STONE Venice Beach

Alexa Stone is a Washington, D.C. native and trained costume designer, draper, pattern maker, sewer and craftsperson. 

In addition to fashion and costumes, Alexa studied (and continues to study) the theater of politics and gender issues. For Alexa these worlds are closely linked. For more about the this crossover see Alexa's blog (coming soon).

Her many years designing and creating costumes for the theater, opera and dance gave her an extensive understanding of the human body and how different fabrics can be beautifully layered for ease and comfort. She went on to design for both contemporary film and television where she was able to use her training to master fashion and streetwear and period/fantasy film and television where her historical research and innovative designs were put to good use.

Alexa attributes her love of color and her wild imagination to the years she spent growing up traveling with her family. "I grew up in a family of diplomats traveling all over the world so I was exposed to many cultures and people. Traveling is dangerous when you're young. It will change you. I saw things and experienced things no one my age was getting to do and see."

Alexa still travels as much as possible often with her husband, a talented and successful Hollywood make-up artist and often now with her two children her eldest who logged his 100th flight at 6yrs old. Travel also inspired her love of photography.

She launched Alexa Stone Venice Beach in 2017 to answer a need she saw continually amongst her peers. Her goal is to reconstruct the way women carry things that better supports their bodies and active lifestyle without sacrificing style, quality and a slim silhouette. To achieve this goal, Alexa has designed several styles in denim and leather to fit women's needs thought their day and throughout their lives.

Alexa lives in Venice Beach where she also has her studio in a historic house by the namesake canals.


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