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Here is what our tribe does with theirs: 

Jen from NY picks up a sign and marches for safe schools with both arms sporting her Jacqui belt in Indigo Denim. 

Amy from Pennsylvania keeps control of her family budget by shopping at Trader Joes. She never worries her purse will be stolen from the cart because she wears the Jacqui belt in Black Denim. 

At Coachella, Monica has free arms to dance the day away (and get through security trouble-free) rockin' her Meredith Coachella. 

Tal wears the new athletic Lauren (still in the testing phase but coming soon!) to bike ride every morning to keep on top of her fitness goals. 

Nicole from Santa Barbara wears her Meredith belt in Indigo denim and uses her free arms to help feed the homeless in Los Angels. 

Paige from New York wears her Noir Jacqui Corset directing documentaries. 

Angela from Los Angeles meets friends for a drink at the new tapas bar on the Westside gorgeous in her Noir Meredith Nightclub. 

Erin serves families in the community with her expertise on healthy living. She gives her grocery shopping 101 tours wearing her Meredith belt in Indigo. 

Alex from Atlanta throws a huge party to raise awareness and funds for girls education in Afghanistan and never loses her phone wearing her Jacqui Museum Opening in Cobalt. 

Tina from Los Angeles wears her Jacqui Boardroom belt in Gold on the red carpet when she’s interviewing celebrities. 

Nicole from Seattle is always prepared and looking great in her Jacqui Boardroom in Nailpolish Red for her roller coaster of a day at the tech start up she co-founded. 

Ona wears her Jacqui belt in Black Denim to shop at her local farmer’s market. Bertha travels to the most remote places on the globe for business and wears her Jacqui Corset belt to look professional while seamlessly negotiating airports. 

Lauri wears her Meredith belt in Indigo belt so her arms are free to carry petitions for PETA. 

Kim from Los Angeles uses her free arms to gather the community to join the Women’s march in downtown LA wearing her Jacqui belt in Black denim. 

What can you accomplish once your arms are free?


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