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What's my size?

Size charts never tell the whole story. Wear it high, wear it low - it's up to YOU but you'll probably need to do a quick measurement to be positive you're getting the right size. If you don't have a tape measure, no problem! See if the size charts bellow are helpful. If you're still not sure, email or text 310.663.6321 (7am-9pm PST) and we can help. Also, we offer FREE EXCHANGES on all unworn/unwashed denim belts. 


FIT: The Jacqui belt is designed to sit at the smallest part of your waist, usually just above your belly-button. If that sounds good, find your measurement and then go one size up for comfort as the waistband is very stiff and wide. Much like a wide ring on your finger a wide belt must also be sized larger. The size equivalents are for wearing the Jacqui high on your waist.



FIT: The Meredith belt is designed to fit on your high hip but you can wear it on your low hip too. Measure the spot you want it to sit and then find the corresponding size number. The size equivalents are estimates based on the belt sitting on your high hip.





An ALTERNATIVE: Lot of women don't like anything tight around their waist so should wear their JACQUI or their MEREDITH lower. This is great look too! Wearing the Jacqui across our hip bones tends to tuck in our Venus bellies in a flattering and comfortable way. Be sure to measure where you'd like your belt to sit as the size equivalents might not be a good estimate. We are here to help : )

(The Jacqui Boardroom is not recommended to be worn low)





FIT: The Corset has the amazing added advantage of being adjustable! Your size is the SMALLER of the two sizes listed. By the end of the day, you will have some give which is such a gift! Remember, if you wear it lower than your bellybutton, the size equivalents might not be accurate so find a tape measure or reach out to us.