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Pockets are a Feminist issue

Women's Fashion has not kept up with this century's woman.

First, none of our clothes have good, functional, flattering pockets. Even our girl's clothes lack pockets sending messages about her play, her usefulness and her dependance. This is a big issue for parents and women alike as nicely demonstrated by this Huffing Post Article.

Second, while I love the incredible architectural style of many purses and handbags, they are often not practical and certainly not recommended for daily use. Doctors across the country are treating millions of women for neck, shoulder and back pain and heavy purses are certainly one of the culprits says the Spine Health. Women are doing more out in the world than ever before and as women's rolls change, fashion is not keeping up with women's evolving needs.

Third, in addition to women's rolls changing, technology has changed everything. Busy women used to lug around a filo-fax with contacts and a calendar. We used to need loads of membership and credit cards. We used to be the only ones carrying a bag that everyone could dump stuff in. (Even if you don't have kids asking for you to carry something I'll bet a guy you've been with has "hey can you carry my keys?") With the amazing computer-in-your-pocket we now all have access to, we no longer need all this stuff. I am always seeing women walking around with one hand perpetually occupied with a phone and carrying no purse.

Put the phone in your pocket and be free!


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