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Care Instructions: Denim

So you went out with the girls and spilled IPA on your Meredith and your Jacqui suffered the indignity of that half-eaten chocolate kiss left on that park bench where you sat with that guy you like. Now what? The Jacqui needs love and the Meredith - even if she dries without a stain...that smell. Don't fret. We'll have this solved in time of you to wear it this afternoon (you did just wake up, right?). 

Stains: Stain treat with your favorite stain remover IF NEEDED. You know the drill: always test in a small corner before treating right smack on the front where your stain probably is (oh no, is your stain in the back - even worse! Let's fix that - pronto!)

Machine Wash cold WITH LIKE COLORS! Your belt has been pre-washed and pre-shrunk so you can treat her like you would your favorite pair of jeans which means don't wash her with your best white t-shirt. And that brings us to a very important point:

To dry or not to dry? I like my Meredith looking lived in and well worn like my most comfortable pair of jeans, but I like my Jacqui to be pristine and not faded. This part is up to you. The denim, both the black and the indigo, will fade with washing, drying, wear and exposure to sunlight like denims do. If you decide to use the drier just be sure to pull her out before she's completely dry. Otherwise you'll have to iron her and that's just a pain. If you decide not to use the drier:

Finger press and line dry, iron if needed.

Good luck! If you have any questions of concerns just email us Help is one lifeline away.