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What I like to put in MY pockets

What I like to put in MY pockets
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I love to carry everything I need in my pockets because then my hands are finally free.

I always carry my credit cards and cash in my front left pocket because in my Meredith belt that's where the secret pocket is and so I just get used to them being there. In my front right pockets I put my chapstick or lipstick because that is what I reach for most and I'm right handed. I like Mario Badescu Lip Wax. My make-up artist husband taught me this little hack: stash a floss pick in there too. Flossing in public is a big no-no but it's horrifying having a great conversation and then realizing you had that hors-d'oeuvres stuck in your front teeth the whole time!

My back left pocket is where I put my phone. It used to be the right but I'm trying to be more ambidextrous and that's really helping. The back right pocket contents are always changing but this is where I put my house key and my car key fob when I need them. Even older cars don't require multiple keys. One key unlocks the doors and drives the car so why lug around all that extra stuff? Sometimes I need a compact so that fits nicely in there too. Especially Chantecaille Compact Make-up. They are slim, have great coverage and great for your skin! I usually also put a tissue in that pocket and a piece of gum. 

So far far good. What do you put in your pockets?


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